Sunday, March 28, 2010

4 days and counting

Oh goodness!! Well, we are certainly getting close aren't we? The lingerie shower went great by the way...much much fun! The Bridal family feud was the best part!

This past week has been a little hairy...I was beginning to think my bachelorette party was dwindling down to just me and my MOH.....everybody was starting to back out...but we ended up with me and 3 other girls and we had a blast. Ashley, Kelly, Niki and me went to Buckhead and stayed at the Embassy Suites...SO NICE! We got all gussied up and ate at the Cheesecake Factory...and the scavener hunt at Lenox Mall on Saturday was the most outgoing, crazy and exhausting thing I have ever done!!! I have the greatest BFF eva!!

When I went to pick up my wedding dress on Wednesday...I called 2 hours in advance to ensure that the dress was ready...
"Yes ma'am it's ready"
Get down to Columbus--it's still not ready. The sash was on with safety pins, the right side had not been hemmed, it had not been steamed and neither had my veils...and I called ahead!!! I was so mad....

The girl that was there was not the seamstress and she said, "I think I can try to fix that if you want to wait on it. I'm pretty sure I can do it."
I said, "No ma'am....we aren't going to TRY anything on my wedding dress. If I have to leave it then I will...but this is NOT done..."

I ended up leaving it, but my sweet daddy went down there the next day and not only did he pick up the finished product and bring it home...but he was able to get $65 off the alterations. :-) I've got a good daddy.

Get the dress home though and we get the veil caught in the zipper...had to get pliers to break apart the zipper of the garment bag so we wouldn't tear the veil....ha ha!!!

On top of all this I had this "bug bite" on my arm that I had been keeping neosporin on all week and it just kept growing...bigger and bigger no itching....just a big ugly thing--I was FREAKING OUT!!! I went to the doctor and he said it looked like staph infection...the early stages...and he doesn't normally give out antibiotics so soon...but he knew my situation and was willing to get me started on them...hopefully it will go away soon...

When we got home from the bachelorette party yesterday I find out that one of the bridesmaids dresses is messed up...and kathryn got a big blue knot on her forehead by getting hit with a ball....

You have to laugh or cry...I am just praying that things go smooth. I am so ready to put the wedding in someone else's hands...I'm ready to stop working on it and start enjoying it. I packed for the honeymoon yesterday and will work on some more stuff this afternoon.

Tuesday going to get my teeth cleaned, slender wrap...all sorts of beauty stuff. I am almost Mrs. wierd.

Almost had a mini-breakdown the other night when I was introduced on the stage for the last time as "Jenna Boyd" :-) I hope getting married still allows me to be me...and all that emcompasses me will still be there...

There's nobody else I'd rather face this life with than Danny Byers.

Monday, March 8, 2010

24 days and counting...

I think everything is pretty much done yall...I can't think of anything else I need to do other than pack for my honeymoon....

Help me think of things I may have overlooked...

Friday, March 5, 2010

27 days and counting!

Lots going on! Lots going on!!!

Since I wrote last.... let's's hard to keep up with what I have not written and what I have...

I know that the guys have been taken care of....they are all fitted for everything from their head to their toes and all they have to do is go pick it all up!

I have had some great showers and everyone has been wonderful! At school, my best friend and the Pre-K staff hosted a BEAUTIFUL and very classy shower there for me and I got a ton of neat stuff from my co-workers who are simply--the BEST!

Danny and I had a special dinner with some of his family. They bought dinner for us and gave us an awesome gift! Thanks April, Judi, & Bill! :-)

And one of my bridesmaids Lindsey hosted a beautiful shower at her house for me just last weekend. Can't say enough about my girls. They have just spoiled me rotten. he he he!

My dress and Kathryn's dress is being altered...and we're going to pick them up on March 24th.

I've got all my beauty appointments styles, slender wrap, nails, toes, eyebrows...and WHATEVER ELSE!!! :-)

I got my home-made wedding programs finished and I am very proud of them. I don't think they look like I did them at'll have to judge for yourself.

Danny and I completed our wedding song vocals at the studio a couple of weekends ago. I think we are going to be pleased with it. It's not perfect...*GASP* :-) but for it to only be played at the wedding and then just a family will definitely do.

This past Monday, mom and I took a shopping trip together and she bought me some items for my wedding events. A black and white polka dotted dress for the bachelorette party and a pink blouse for the bridesmaids luncheon. Even found a pretty aqua ruffled blouse for the night of the rehearsal.

I finished putting together my wedding guide. Which includes all the documents I have composed, the 3 page agenda, a sample wedding program, a wedding contact list with all phone numbers and info on everyone involved, a processional overview document, a reception agenda, a photographer outline, a copy of the ceremony, and a 4 1/2 page DJ instruction list. :-) I feel sorry for Dave.

I had a meeting with the two ladies at Oakhurst this week that will be handling my event. I must say, they were the first folks to be pleased and overjoyed with seeing this "wedding guide" rather than just calling me crazy. :-) I felt proud...and they both seem like sweet ladies (Kristin & Maggie) and seem to really care whether or not my day is special. I felt as though I could relax a little more after I met with them.

I look one last look at the Oakhurst reception hall...spinning around in a full circle imagining my tables all decorated...and I could almost hear the music and laughter. I looked out at the bridge and gazebo knowing that the next time I'd be coming back to be married!

It felt extremely official when Kristin turned to write me in on the Oakhurst agenda board in the office...I think I squealed with glee! It's almost here!

Yesterday I bought some frames for my reserved signs... and I went to the mall to purchase the remaining make up items I still needed.

I am daily opening up reply cards and so I look forward to going to the mailbox! It is really a lot of fun. I made a YES and NO box and we are keeping a close watch on the guest list!

Everything is slowly coming together and I am starting to think that I may have everything paid for and maybe have some left over this month for groceries, praise the Lord! HA HA!!!!

I'll try to write back soon! It's hard being a busy bride....but pretty soon my main focus will be getting beauty rest, trying not to injure myself before the wedding (I'm SO paranoid about that), and more than anything just trying to soak in every moment!

Next big event: March 19th The LINGERIE shower @ Kylie's house :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

6 weeks and counting!

Alrighty, my maid of honor is correct...a lot has happened in the past two weeks and I have simply not had a chance to write. :-) I've been a busy, busy bride to be, that's for sure!

Let's see...over the past couple of weeks I got the invitations in and they are beautiful! My lovely maid of honor, Ashley addressed them all because she has pretty handwriting...unlike mine. Thanks boo for all your help on that! They are stamped and ready to go, hopefully will be mailed out this weeks.

We are officially 6 weeks from the wedding today! Last week, I wrote out a detailed list of instructions for set up for Oakhurst staff and for everyone else. I want to make sure that no one has a question on anything.

I got the bridesmaids gifts ordered and though I'm in Blairsville today my mom called and said that they have already arrived and I cannot wait to see them!

Last Thursday night, Kathryn and I went to David's Bridal for alterations. This was the first time since I purchased my dress that I had put it back on.

Sweet Ashley is letting me borrow the tiara, necklace and earrings that she wore on her wedding day and when I tried everything on all at once I just LOVED it!!! I had forgotten how much I loved my dress until I saw it on again. I know for sure I made the right choice. I had to remember to ask the folks there about steaming and cleaning...and I had to buy a strapless bra. $79.00 yall--I nearly had a stroke. $79 for a BRA?!?!?!?! It's amazing how fast you can spend money on a wedding. I also asked the sales associate there for a deatiled description of my dress incase I need it for the newspaper...I haven't made up my mind whether or not I want to do that, but I think my mom really wants me to.

We looked it up in the catalog together and it simply said, "A satin ball gown with pick up skirt and halter neckline..." But the way the sales associate said it almost made it sound magical.

When I looked at the dress in the catalog I thought..."It really doesn't look that pretty." I remember look at the dress on the hanger in the bag and way--that's not the dress....but when you put it on me it looks like it was made for me. :-)

It took a really long time to get all pinned up but after she was done I did a little Macarena and Electric Slide around the Bridal Shop. I said, "Well, I've gotta make sure I can do it in this dress!" HA HA!

I must admit, it was nice to get all the attention that night. There were girls coming in to try on dress and were looking at me and saying ooooh's and aahhhh's :-) Another mother of a bride looked over at me and said, "You look really beautiful, but more than that, you look really happy."

And I thought to myself as I danced and pranced around in my dress, "I really am. I am Cinderella and my prince is finally here!"

Kathryn was such a trooper while waiting her turn...she was so tired by the time they cam to her that she wasn't having much fun any more. Me and mom kept ourselves busy by trying on different dresses. Mom is still looking for something to wear to the wedding and I was looking for a pretty dress to wear to the rehearsal. I found lots of pretty things but they were all way out of my budget.

Over this weekend we had to cancel our studio session for the wedding song AGAIN because of the snow. Don't remember if I've written about that yet but Danny and I are pre-recording, "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" to be played at the wedding ceremony. Hopefully I'll be able to cross that off my list soon.

So because the canceling of another appointment was making me anxious I felt as though I must be doing SOMETHING productive for the wedding so I started working on the wedding programs. I created them myself and printed them at Staples. Because I am anal about everything I am cutting them by hand, punching holes and tying them together with black ribbon. A very tedious job let me tell you! I spent 3 hours on them on Saturday and got 50 out of 200 completed.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and Danny and I both decided on a different kind of gift because we are both low on money. Our wedding photographer offered us a really good deal on an engagement photo session and since we never had one we are going in together and buying this for each other. The photo session is next weekend.

So for Valentine's Day we stayed in away from the cold snow and icy roads and just hung out...watching movies, playing scrabble and checkers...Then I moved back the coffee table and had the fire going in the fire place and we cut on our song and practiced dancing for the wedding. Let me tell you....I've got a long way to go. We may end up just holding each other and swaying back and forth.... :-)

But practicing in the living room was one of the sweetest Valentine memories I think I'll ever have.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 months, 2 days and counting

Things have been incredibly busy since I wrote last.....obviously...or I would've been writing. :-)

I am starting to feel the crunch of time running out. Ya know, the bridesmaids dresses still have not come yet! Yikes!

Lots of my little "doo dads" as my mother called them have been coming in the cake topper and some of my gifts for my little flower girl and ring "Soon to be Mrs. Byers" sash for the bachlorette party....stuff like that.

I told someone the other day that if I didn't feel as though I had to make a list of instructions and detailed agenda for just about every person involved in this day then I might not be so stressed. ha ha...

But, you're dealing with an OCD bride, who has an OCD maid of me--we're gonna do everything possible to make sure that this day runs like a well oiled machine.

Ashley and all my girls have been such a big help. There's no way on earth I could ever thank them enough for all they have done already.

Danny is starting to feel the crunch too...cause I'm having to get behind him to make sure that he's making sure that his groomsmen are all in line and so on and so on.

Our weekends between now and the wedding are filling up fast. If it's not an HH singing, then it's a shower, or party or dress fitting, or SOMETHING!

I have a feeling that it's going to continue to be very busy. I have had several folks tell me, "You know, you think you have so much done until the week or two before the wedding and then you realize how much you forgot."
And I'm saying TELL ME!!! Anyone want to share your comments about things you forgot? Maybe it will help me make sure I'm not forgetting anything. :-)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2 months, 10 days and counting

Things have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!

Favors and bubbles are still not done....but over last weekend I made a TON of lists for everyone, a ceremony overview, reception agenda, photographer outline, DJ instructions, etc. And Danny and I spent a couple of hours working on our ceremony.

We put together and typed the whole thing up from the "We are gathered here today, --to You may kiss the bride!"

I went over it with Dad the other night and he kept saying stuff like, "Do you, Jenna Boo..."

I love my dad. I hope he doesn't cry that day because if he does then I am going to become completely unglued. That would just tear me up!

The girls have been busy planning the bachelorette party weekend thingie. I am SO EXCITED about that!!! :0)

I will have to write more later when I have more time. My garter came in the mail and I'm going to try it on!

Friday, January 15, 2010

2 months, 16 days and counting

I got a call from the print shop a while ago that said the proof for the invitations was ready for me to see. Can't wait to look at it!

I went by the post office to mail something for HH, and while I was there I over heard one of the post office employees telling another bride to make sure they brought one invitation fully prepared and weigh it before they buy stamps because most wedding invitations require at least a 61 cent stamp. Wow! I did not know this and apparently that bride didn't either because her invitations didn't get mailed on time because she didn't do it right.

When I stepped up to the counter I said, "I couldn't help but over hear your conversation because I am getting married in a couple of months. Anything Ineed to know?"

He proceded to give me some very good advice and helpful information. So, thank goodness I went to the post office today! I will hopefully be going to the mountains this weekend to spend a little time with Danny. I am hoping to get him to practice dancing with me. I need it before the wedding.

My dad, who is marrying us, brought home about 4 or 5 books yesterday of examples of different ceremony outlines, different sources he looks to whenever he is performing a ceremony.

Hopefully Danny and I can look through those this weekend and narrow down what we want.

Happy Friday everyone!